Event Technology and AV can be confusing. From basic audio to video, lighting sets, stage design, video playback, bandwidth distribution, rigging, content and mgmt. systems, we can help! Download the JET AV Solutions Check List to get a quick idea of the basic planning for your next meeting or event.


Your goals drive how we handle the event. Educational? Sales focused? Hype Meeting? Does the event have a theme? Are there any award ceremonies or special events? We go over all pre production well before the event kicks off.


Location is the most important portion of your event; we understand. We are happy to perform site visits and work with hotel departments too. Power, Internet, Room Size, Specific Guidelines, Insurance Requirements, and Rigging Codes are all unique per location and require teamwork. We want to help!


Our pros do more than just show up to shows; we work them. That means you talk to the same person for the entire process. Your JET AV Solutions contact ensures everything is covered to our standards before, during and after the event. In return, this helps keep our budgets lower than most. We love what we do so that keeps more money in your budget for the next event with our team.

We’re a local company run by San-Diegans who deliver award winning service. Call us or fill out this form for a quick quote today.